Secrets of proper nutrition for strengthening the heart and vascular health

The cardiovascular system (CVS) plays a crucial role in human life. Without exaggeration, all body processes depend on its condition, because blood delivers oxygen to nourish organs, brain, tissues, that is, indirectly participates in the work of absolutely all organs and systems of the human body.

Without the normal activity of the CCC, the functioning of the body is impossible, therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to it first of all. And one of the main factors of heart and vascular health is a proper, balanced diet, which is confirmed by numerous studies .

What factors affect the health of the CCC?

The state of the cardiovascular system is influenced by many factors, including:

  • Ecology;
  • Heredity and genetic predisposition;
  • Diet;
  • Lifestyle;
  • The nature of work.

A person is not able to influence many factors, but everyone can monitor their diet. At the same time, this factor plays a key role, because proper nutrition can correct many hereditary and genetically inherent problems, at the same time, lack of attention to healthy food and lifestyle can negate the positive innate inclinations of the body.

7 principles of nutrition

The attitude to the diet should be based on certain principles, beyond which one should not retreat. It is also worth taking into account the individual characteristics of the body, since often the desire to eat a certain product indicates the body's need for it. At the same time, we are not talking about products that are artificially created by marketers: chips and chocolate bars in bright packages, soda in beautiful cans, etc.

So, here are the key points:

  1. You need to give up fatty foods. It is better to replace fatty pork and lamb meat with chicken, turkey or fish. In principle, fish should be present in the diet, since the benefits, including for the cardiovascular system, from it significantly exceed the benefits from meat and poultry. At the same time, it is recommended to give preference to wild marine and river fish. Cod, pollock, perch, Pacific salmon, catfish, carp, whitefish, bream, nelma, omul, sturgeon are useful. All the listed fish species are caught and produced in abundance in Russia.
  2. Include in the diet Heart-healthy vegetables and fruits , as well as berries . The benefits of natural vegetables and fruits are huge. At the same time, it is important to observe seasonality, because for the cultivation of some of them, substances dangerous to humans are used out of season, which can cause more harm than good. In winter, it is better to give preference to frozen vegetables and fruits. All that confirmed by research .
  3. Systematize nutrition. It is known that the body absorbs food better if it is used to receiving it at the same time every day.
  4. Give up unnatural sauces.  Fresh food does not attract anyone, at the same time, preference should be given to homemade sauces or natural ones that do not contain preservatives and other additives, their cost is usually higher.
  5. Monitor water consumption. It is recommended to consume from 1 to 1.5 liters of water daily. At the same time, consumption should be reduced when puffiness or unpleasant concomitant sensations appear. Edema may indicate kidney disease. About the importance of water for the cardiovascular system read in a separate article.
  6. Monitor your salt and sugar intake.  The consumption of salt and sugar affects the condition of the heart. As for sugar, it is better for the body to get it from natural sources - fruits, honey, etc. Salt intake significantly depends on the individual needs of the body, it must be kept in the range of 3.5 to 5 grams daily.
  7. Exclude alcohol.  Alcohol consumption is acceptable in small doses, preference should be given to strong, high-quality alcohol and dry red wine.

15 Foods Our Heart needs

Experts include the most important products for maintaining a healthy heart:

  1. Bananas. The high potassium content makes them indispensable for hypertensive patients and those suffering from other cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Lemon. Has a beneficial effect on the walls of blood vessels and normalizes blood pressure.
  3. Garnet. An indispensable fruit for cores, the effect of which is comparable to advanced medical preparations, having a restorative effect. Pomegranate has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and vascular condition.
  4. Tomatoes. Are also saturated with potassium, due to which they normalize the pressure and action of the heart muscle.
  5. Kalina. It is useful for arrhythmias due to normalization of pressure.
  6. Grapes. Has a positive effect on hypertension.
  7. Nuts. Have a strengthening effect on the heart, blood vessels and the body as a whole.
  8. Dried fruits. The importance of dried fruits is due to the preservation of nutrients throughout the year.
  9. Honey. Cleanses blood vessels, prevents seizures and heart attacks, normalizes the condition of tachycardia.
  10. Dairy products. Are better absorbed at an early age.
  11. Fish. The fat contained in fish is not harmful. It is indispensable for the body. Fish consumption exceeds the digestibility of fish oil consumption from pharmacies.
  12. Bitter chocolate. Due to the low sugar content, the benefits are not devalued by the harm to the heart.
  13. Coffee. Just like red wine, it is good for cardiac function, provided it is consumed very moderately.
  14. Green tea. The drink has a tonic, restorative and cleansing effect with a low caffeine content.
  15. Red wine. Dry red wine is very useful for blood circulation and normalization of cardiac function.

It is recommended to treat the concept of diet very carefully: watch not only what you eat, but also how you eat, chew food, give up bad habits, first of all, from smoking, because this is the worst enemy of the heart.

Folk remedies

In addition to individual products, there are special recipes that have shown high effectiveness.

Amosov Paste

The paste is a mixture of honey, nuts and dried fruits. Completely natural, it has practically no contraindications and can be dangerous only if there are allergic reactions to its components or intolerance to certain ingredients.

Is named after the famous Russian doctor and academician, who is also a long-lived person.

Amosov paste is also useful for &171;cores&187; , and for all people who feel energy deficiency caused by a lack of valuable nutrients. Amosov specialized in heart diseases. It is believed that the mild effect of the paste according to his recipe is able to restore cardiac function and strengthen the general condition of the body.

Decoctions and infusions

The following decoctions and infusions have a particularly beneficial effect on the CCC:

  • Motherwort &8212; for the treatment of angina pectoris and hypertension;
  • Melissa &8212; has a soothing effect;
  • Hawthorn &8212; protects against arrhythmia.

Sample menu for the week

Everyone has their own food preferences, which is why the following menu is approximate or conditional. It can be adjusted according to the individual needs of the body and the habit of distributing the food consumed during the day. In general, the following dietary recommendations take into account the ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats and their consumption depending on the time of day.


  • Breakfast &8212; oatmeal porridge on water, scrambled eggs from two eggs, a glass of orange juice, a cup of green tea.
  • Lunch &8212; borscht with beef, salad with beetroot, walnuts and gorgonzolla, wild rice with turkey.
  • Dinner &8212; fish (according to preferences) with boiled Brussels sprouts.


  • Breakfast &8212; millet porridge, cup of coffee, one egg omelet with tomatoes.
  • Lunch &8212; soup with chicken, fish cutlets, lentils, salad with seaweed.
  • Dinner &8212; steamed chicken breast, a small amount of macaroni and cheese.


  • Breakfast &8212; cornflakes with milk, a cup of green or white tea, half a pomegranate.
  • Lunch &8212; cheese soup, salad with avocado, buckwheat porridge with chicken breast.
  • Dinner &8212; pasta with seafood and cream.


  • Breakfast &8212; cottage cheese casserole or cheesecakes with sour cream, a cup of coffee.
  • Lunch &8212; fish soup with salmon, tomato and cucumber salad with herbs and olive oil, beef azu with pearl barley with mushrooms and red pepper
  • Dinner &8212; caesar with chicken breast and light dressing.


  • Breakfast &8212; oatmeal porridge with apple and banana, green tea, carrot juice.
  • Lunch &8212; borscht with chicken, duck breast with broccoli or cauliflower.
  • Dinner &8212; spinach with veal chops, a glass of dry red wine.


  • Breakfast &8212; scrambled eggs with quail eggs, toast with cheese and green tea.
  • Lunch &8212; tuna salad with wine vinegar, boiled wild rice, turkey medallions.
  • Dinner &8212; boiled beef with vegetables (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower or Brussels sprouts).


  • Breakfast &8212; rice porridge, fruit salad, kefir.
  • Lunch &8212; cabbage soup with chicken, red beans with beef or chicken stewed with prunes.
  • Dinner &8212; salad with arugula and mozzarella, boiled chicken breast.

In between meals, nuts, fruits or dried fruits are recommended, depending on the time of year. A snack should also be healthy.

When feeling hungry, it is recommended to satisfy it with apples, bananas, low-fat yogurt without fillers, cottage cheese. It is also important to consume enough water.

Important: Diet is not recommended and should be adjusted for certain heart diseases listed in the next part of the article.

Features of eating in some diseases

Various diseases of the cardiovascular system require dietary adjustments.


It is necessary to limit consumption: first courses.

Needs to be excluded: fresh bread, muffins, beans, fatty meat and salted fish, smoked meats, salted fish, spicy, marinades.

It is also recommended to increase the number of meals per day up to 6 times.

Atherosclerotic vascular lesion, cardiosclerosis, hypertension

For these diseases, it is recommended to limit the consumption of animal fat and fast carbohydrates.

At the same time, the diet is enriched with polyunsaturated fatty acids. Mandatory for consumption: seafood and seaweed.

It is recommended to reduce the amount of liquid consumed to 1 liter, including tea, coffee, soups and natural juices useful for CCC .

Arterial hypertension

Be sure to reduce the amount of salt consumed to 2-3 grams . It is recommended to limit the calorie content of all food during the day to 2,700. Reduce coffee consumption, eliminate smoking.

Suffered a myocardial infarction

In the first period after an attack, it is recommended to cook food in semi-liquid form. All irritants of intestinal motility are excluded from the diet.

Salt intake is significantly reduced.

The diet must be coordinated with the attending physician, there can be no other way.

Over time, the diet must be adjusted.

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So, adhering to the rules of food consumption, alcohol restriction, fat, smoking cessation, enriching the body with vitamins can not only protect against problems with the cardiovascular system, but also correct the consequences of past or tolerated diseases. When preparing a diet, it is important to take into account the individual characteristics of the body, the digestibility of food.

By the way, digestibility increases dramatically when you systematize meals and maintain a sleep regime. It is important to walk more, pay attention to the environment, and eliminate stress. It is important to remember that the heart and blood vessels must be treated carefully, rest more, without forcing the body's systems to work hard. It is difficult to restore the CCC, but it is possible, while it is much easier to save it.