Which nuts are the most beneficial for the heart and vascular cleansing — Top 10

The food included in the daily diet affects the condition of internal organs and human activity.

Many people have heard about the benefits of nuts, but not everyone knows which substances help blood vessels and the heart to stay healthy and fight diseases.

Why are they important?

Nuts are an important component of a healthy diet. Due to the unsaturated fats in the composition of the product, the concentration of cholesterol in the blood decreases. The heart is strengthened by the same fats that make up the product, as well as minerals.

This product is a direct source of protein and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

It is important to remember that this food has a high calorie content, so excessive consumption of it will affect the condition of the figure if a person is watching it.

The most optimal amount for eating nuts is a handful per day, but no more. They have a restorative effect on all organs in the human body and improve the state of the immune system.

TOP 10 Nuts for Cardiovascular Health

Nuts generally have a positive effect on the heart. Some of them are less useful, while others, on the contrary, should be part of the diet of a person who cares about his health. In order to understand the benefits of the product, you need to consider each type of nut separately and identify its benefits for the cardiovascular system.

1. Almond

Almonds charge the body with the energy necessary for an active life. The substances in its composition protect the heart from diseases associated with it. Vitamins in the product, such as E and B12, reduce cholesterol levels.

The almond kernel contains useful chemical elements:

  • Fats;
  • Dietary fiber;
  • Carbohydrates;
  • Vitamins: group B, A and E.

Potassium and magnesium, in the composition of such food, prevent the formation of blood clots and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. In addition, the entire composition of chemicals regulates the heart rate, which is especially important for people experiencing arrhythmia problems.

2. Hazelnut

Hazelnuts are a source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. It has a variety of phytochemicals that strengthen all the walls in the vessels, as well as the heart muscle.

In addition, this type serves as a prevention of atherosclerosis, as it eliminates excess cholesterol.

After eating this product, the body will receive potassium, magnesium, a large amount of fiber, as well as vitamins E and B.

3. Greek

Compared to other types, this type of product has more beneficial fiber and protein.

In addition to the B vitamins in the product, it is also rich in antioxidant properties and is able to prevent cancer.

The fats in this food are polyunsaturated and monounsaturated. They are able to reduce the level of harmful cholesterol, and increase the body's resistance against various types of diseases.

4. Peanut

Peanuts contain the optimal amount of magnesium, which leads to the production of sufficient energy capable of eliminating toxins from the body.

Vitamin E in its composition not only has a positive effect on longevity and skin condition, but also makes blood vessels elastic.

The elements included in peanuts increase the body's resistance against harmful substances, and protect against the development of ailments related to the functioning of the heart.

5. Cashews

Cashews are supplied from Brazil. This type is not characterized by high fat content, which is suitable for people who monitor the condition of the figure. Its use is in strengthening the walls of blood vessels and filling the human body with useful substances.

Cashews contain such useful elements:

  • Selenium, which benefits cardiac activity;
  • Increased iron content (raw nuts contain more iron than fried meat);
  • Omega-3 fatty acids;
  • Vitamins from group B, as well as E and PP;
  • Copper for the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Since unsaturated fats are part of cashews, they can be considered beneficial for heart rhythm and heart function.

In addition to the heart, cashew has a positive effect on blood flow and brain function.

6. Nutmeg

Eating nutmeg is very problematic. It has a bright taste and an unpleasant aroma, but it is often used as a seasoning. It improves brain activity and regulates the digestive process.

For cardiac activity, it has fewer positive properties than other types, but its vitamins and minerals remove toxins from the body and promote vasodilation.

7. Pistachios

Pistachios are a storehouse of vitamins for human health. They are rich in polyunsaturated fats and vitamins that promote energy production for everyday life.

This product has been repeatedly subjected to research and found that after three weeks of eating pistachios, the level of "bad" cholesterol decreases by 12%. This is the basis for adding this type of food to various dishes and for consumption as an independent dish.

Doctors claim that a common cause of cardiovascular diseases is an inflammatory process in the blood vessels. Since pistachios contain lutein, it acts as an antioxidant to prevent the inflammatory process.

8. Pecans

Pecans are classified as woody varieties. It contains a high amount of vitamin E, which protects the walls of blood vessels from blockage and eliminate the signs of cardiovascular diseases.

This product tastes similar to walnuts, but it is more pleasant and oily than other types of this product.

If you include pecans in your daily diet, you will notice that human activity will increase, and the heart will work smoothly.

9. Cedar trees

Pine nuts have a sufficient amount of unsaturated acids, preventing the formation of cholesterol plaques and reducing the risk of atherosclerosis , as well as other serious heart-related diseases.

The use of this product practically eliminates the occurrence of ischemic disease and the development of hypertension.

With pre-existing hypertension, pine nuts tend to reduce blood pressure by several units.

There may be an individual intolerance to this product, so you do not need to abuse it. Excessive consumption of such food can spoil the figure and lead to obesity, since they are 60 percent fat.

10. Hazelnut

Hazelnuts are known for their high content of amino acids and beneficial vitamins. Arginine helps to protect the body and strengthen blood vessels, as well as stable blood circulation.

Fats in this food lower blood pressure and contribute to the following factors:

  • Strengthen the heart muscle;
  • Selenium and zinc protect against nervous tension;
  • Protein strengthens blood vessels.

In addition to healthy fats and trace elements, hazelnuts are the leader in fiber content.

Vitamin A is not found in all types of nuts, but it is found in hazelnuts.

How many of them can I eat?

If Fruits and vegetables for heart health you can eat in large quantities and know that they will not do harm, then nuts are dangerous products in this sense. In case of overdose, abdominal pain and allergic reactions are possible.

Once a day it is allowed to eat only a handful of this food, but no more. This is the recommended dose that should not be exceeded. Then the food will have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, without disrupting the work of other organs.

5 therapeutic recipes

There are many recipes where nuts are an additional ingredient. In order to determine which recipe is most suitable for a particular type of disease, you need to consider each of them in detail.

1. With honey

Nuts are needed to fill the body with healthy fats and strengthen the heart muscle, and honey contains useful sugars, in particular glucose.

Together these two components form a useful recipe, which is prepared as follows:

  1. First take 600 grams of peeled walnuts.
  2. Pour them with honey in the amount of 300 milliliters.
  3. The mixture should be infused for two weeks in a cool place.

Also check out the video on how to make this mixture:

2. Tincture of walnut partitions

An infusion made from the septum of a walnut is used as an additional remedy to protect against heart disease. It is prepared like this:

  1. Partitions are poured into a half-liter jar.
  2. Then the partitions are filled with moonshine or vodka until all the partitions are hidden in the liquid.
  3. Next, the product is removed to infuse, preferably in a dark place;
  4. The solution is ready when it acquires a cognac color;
  5. Take one tablespoon three times a day, and the course of treatment is 12 days.

Also watch the video:

3. Amosov Paste

Amosov paste is a composition of dried fruits and nuts, which has a strengthening effect on the cardiovascular system. They prepare it like this:

  1. For cooking, you need to take 250 grams of dried apricots, raisins, prunes and figs;
  2. One lemon;
  3. A glass of walnuts;
  4. 250 grams of honey.

Dried fruits are scalded with hot water, after which they are rolled together with a sliced lemon through a meat grinder. A handful of nuts is thinly sliced and placed in the mixture. Then honey is poured into the resulting gruel and the mixture is infused in the refrigerator.

4. With cranberries, honey and raisins

Another original recipe that every hypertensive person should know or a health–conscious person is a mixture of cranberries, raisins and nuts. It is prepared like this:

  1. One cup of nuts, cranberries and raisins is thoroughly washed;
  2. Then the mixture is crushed;
  3. Pour the gruel with 500 grams of honey.

What other foods should I eat?

There are many healthy foods from which to build your daily diet. It includes:

  1. Fruits for the heart . Fruits such as persimmon or bananas , which are saturated with potassium, purify blood vessels and strengthen the heart. Lemon and grenades give the body vitamin C and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
  2. Vegetables. The body requires a certain amount of vitamins, which are contained in fresh vegetables, for example, pumpkin or tomatoes . In addition, the juice prepared on their basis is useful. As part of vegetables such as onion and garlic , lots of useful minerals and antioxidants.
  3. Healthy drinks. Drinking water and green tea is extremely appropriate in the fight for heart health. Water is a source of life, and tea is a source of antioxidants. Studies have shown that coffee also has beneficial effects on the heart. Fresh juices are used to eliminate toxins and improve blood circulation.
  4. Honey. Honey is a source of healthy sugars. One teaspoon a day will strengthen the muscles of the heart and give cheerfulness.
  5. Dairy products. Natural milk and other products are a source of calcium, which is important for human activity and blood vessels.
  6. Fish. This food is important, but preference should be given to marine life and fatty fish species.
  7. Bitter chocolate. Cocoa in chocolate has an effect on vascular patency and heart function. It is a source of vitamins and trace elements.

Also pay attention to the infographic:

And below we'll talk about what to avoid.

Junk food

In addition to healthy foods, there are those, which should be discarded . The presence of such food in the diet disrupts the functioning of the digestive organs and the heart. These include:

  • Fried meat and fish;
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Spicy dishes;
  • Canned food;
  • Fast food dishes.

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Nuts are one of the components of nutrition for a healthy heart and an active lifestyle. They are introduced into food in small quantities and after a few weeks the effect is noticed. When used correctly, they benefit the human body and its vessels.