The most detailed overview of everything related to interval fasting. The essence of the methodology, common schemes, rules of compliance. A review of studies on the effects of such a diet on humans.
We will tell you how effective periodic fasting in bodybuilding is for gaining muscle mass, as well as what is lost in large volumes: muscle or fat. Let's give you rules that will help you save
We will look at what intermittent fasting patterns are. How do some species differ from others? Which protocol option should I choose and how many times a week should a beginner refuse to eat? All answers in
We will consider an American diet that simulates fasting called FMD, authored by Walter Longo. We will provide an example of a 5-day menu and a list of food items. Let's discuss the benefits of the technique and possible
We will discuss the scheme of interval fasting every other day, also known as protocol 1/1. We will talk about the benefits of this diet for the body. Let's discuss whether this nutrition system is suitable for weight loss and which ones
We will consider the warrior's diet, also known as the 20/4 periodic fasting scheme, authored by Ori Hofmekler. Let's talk about the benefits of the system for the health of women and men. Let's discuss
We will talk about Michael Mosley's 5:2 diet, the rules of its observance and the benefits for the human body. Let's tell you what results can be achieved quickly using this interval fasting scheme. We will provide
We will look at the 16/8 interval fasting scheme, discuss the effectiveness and rules of this system. Let's describe the benefits and harms for women and men, as well as contraindications. We will provide a menu for the week and a schedule
You will find out whether interval fasting contributes to weight loss and which scheme is better to choose. We will also describe the mechanisms by which this nutrition system helps both women and men lose weight.
Scientists claim that interval fasting affects the body of women differently. What is the reason for this and which scheme is better to choose? What benefits can the technique bring? All the answers are in the article.
We will discuss the benefits and harms of periodic fasting for the health of the body. Let's describe the pros and cons, as well as the contraindications of this system. We will provide links to reputable scientific research.
You will learn what the FODMAP diet is and why it is important for intestinal health. We will provide a list of products with a low content of fodpam substances, as well as describe the menu for the week and recipes in the form of