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We will tell you how to get rid of coffee addiction and whether it really causes it. What is the name of this disorder and is there a cure for it? Let's discuss the signs and symptoms of caffeine withdrawal, the causes
You will learn how to get rid of sugar addiction and defeat cravings for sweets and flour. Let's talk about the causes of psychological illness, as well as its symptoms and signs. Let's tell you how to overcome
In this article we will talk about products that calm the nerves and strengthen the nervous system. Let's consider which food is useful during stress and which diet should be followed for overall improvement
You will learn why people get stuck with stress and emotions and how to stop doing it. How can you learn to deal with loneliness, fatigue and other problems without resorting to food? How can I replace sweets and how
We will talk about why, in a state of everyday stress, a person wants sweets, and how to learn not to overeat him with sugar-containing products: sweets, cakes and others. Let's tell you which one
Is alcohol stress relief really as dangerous as they say? Does alcohol help to get rid of tension, anxiety and anxiety, and why? What do doctors and scientists say?
You will learn which soothing essential oils are best used for sleep and relaxation of the nervous system. We will discuss aromatherapy options for baths, aroma lamps and just for applying to the face and skin.
In this article, we will look at whether ordinary water can relieve stress and help normalize the functioning of the entire nervous system. Let's tell you if it can be used to treat and relieve symptoms
You will learn which teas and herbs calm the nerves and treat depression. We will discuss various types of herbal herbal remedies for the nervous system of an adult: mint, melissa, pu-erh and others. Let's discuss others too
We will talk about the features of diet and nutrition rules for neurosis, depression and asthenic condition. We will tell you what foods you need to eat, as well as whether it is possible to drink coffee and tea with neurasthenia,
You will find out what is the connection between alcohol and depression. Does it help with neurosis and can I drink it to lift my mood? What effect does it have on men and women in the treatment of mental illness
You will learn which soothing tea can help in the fight against depression and stress. We will discuss the best medicinal varieties that lift mood and improve general condition, reducing anxiety and
We will talk about the ability of omega-3 fatty acids in the form of fish oil to help with depression and asthenia. Let's tell you if this supplement can really affect mood, as well as fight neuroses and
We will talk about whether coffee leads to the development of depression or, conversely, relieves it. Let's tell you if it is possible to drink it under stress, and also why a cup of fragrant drink improves mood,
In this article we will talk about the relationship between sugar intake and the development of depression. Let's tell you whether sweets can help a person overcome the disease, or only worsen the condition and cause
You will find out if bananas can lift a person's mood and improve their overall emotional state. Let's look at what hormones of happiness and joy they contain, and whether they can increase
You will learn which fruits can cheer up and improve a person's general condition. Let's consider whether they are able to relieve stress, as well as what you need to eat for well-being.
We will talk about how and why sweets can lift your mood and how it affects the human brain. Let's consider which sweets and candies improve well-being and whether it is possible to completely abandon
You will learn why chocolate is believed to lift your mood and improve your well-being. What are the hormones of happiness and joy called, what do they contain and how do they affect the brain? Does it produce
We will talk about food products that relieve chronic fatigue and overwork. You will learn what kind of food increases vitality when they decline and why there is a feeling of severe drowsiness after eating.
We will talk about the features and types of diet for people who are engaged in mental work, as well as for other people with intellectual loads. Consider 10 useful ones for office
We will talk about the most useful products that increase human brain activity and mental activity. Consider substances and folk remedies that promote brain health and
In this article we will talk about the best products that increase endurance and mental performance of the body. Let's tell you what healthy and rational nutrition can be used to improve
In this article we will talk about products that improve attention and brain function. Let's consider a diet that increases a person's concentration, and also give recommendations on a proper diet.