Which foods improve cerebral circulation — Top 10

It is possible to improve the functioning of the human brain not only with the help of special medications.

It is possible to increase blood circulation, which means to increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, and with the help of a certain set of foods, as well as dieting.

Modern research confirm the connection between the human diet and cerebral circulation.

If certain foods prevail in the diet, then the task of doctors will be simplified: even partially replacing food harmful to blood circulation with useful food will help improve memory, increase reaction speed and efficiency. See below which products &8212;.

Top 10 Products

Many familiar foods have a set of vitamins, minerals and other useful substances that purify the vessels , enhance blood flow, improve the functioning of the heart muscle and thereby normalize blood circulation. Such food should prevail on the table of people engaged in mental work.

1. Fish and seafood

Marine fish and seafood are valuable not only for the presence of animal proteins, which are easily digested. Even if seafood is consumed only once a week, iodine, Omega 3 organic acid and other useful substances have a serious effect on brain activity, since they:

  1. Occurrences will prevent blockage of blood vessels;
  2. Cleans the walls of the arteries from the cholesterol plaques present;
  3. Omega-3 acids are good for the brain , as they are necessary for cell membranes;
  4. Antioxidants prevent the oxidation of fat cells in the brain, that is, prolong their youth and prevent destruction;
  5. Prevent the development of Alzheimer's disease and other manifestations of dementia;
  6. Improve all mental operations by helping the passage of electrical impulses in the brain.

All these food items are indispensable for those who focus on intellectual work , who have to memorize and process a large amount of information, who already have manifestations of atherosclerosis and disorders of cerebral circulation.

2. Oatmeal

All whole grain cereals are useful for cerebral circulation in one way or another. They have a rich composition of minerals, they contain vitamins, vegetable proteins, which helps to maintain proper blood composition and normal blood flow.

But oatmeal is especially useful as a remedy for poor blood circulation of the brain.

Regular consumption of porridge from this cereal has a beneficial effect on brain function and the state of the cardiovascular system.

3. Tomatoes

This vegetable contains vitamins, minerals, pectins, sugars, and organic acids. But its most important advantage is the presence of lycopene. It is a caratinoid that has a unique property: it can break down fats.

Lycopene is also an excellent antioxidant that is active:

  1. Destroys free radicals, that is, it fights aging;
  2. Improves cholesterol metabolism;
  3. Increases the patency of the bloodstream, preventing the formation of blood clots and blood clots;
  4. Strengthens arteries, veins and capillaries;
  5. Normalizes the activity of brain cells by saturating them with oxygen.

It is noteworthy that lycopene from tomatoes not only improves blood supply and prevents the appearance of atherosclerosis, but also reduces the risk of cancer problems many times. Just two tomato dishes a week &8212; and the probability of cancer is reduced by 30-35%. And two glasses of tomato juice a day for 1-2 weeks will significantly improve the condition of blood vessels.

Lycopene not only does not break down during heat treatment, but, changing its formula, it is even 2.5 times better absorbed than from raw tomatoes. Especially in the composition of tomato pastes and salads like lecho with the addition of vegetable oil.

4. Garlic

Vitamins, minerals, organic acids, phytoncides, phytosterols, bioflavonoids have a very wide spectrum of action and are valued equally highly.

Special garlic is good for the brain because it contains selenium and after grinding, allicin is produced &8212; a substance that gives a specific bitterness and has a positive effect on:

  1. The qualitative composition of the blood;
  2. Blood thinning, dissolution of clots, cholesterol and other layers on the walls of blood vessels;
  3. Elasticity of vascular walls;
  4. Improvement of blood circulation, including in brain tissues.

You can also make medicinal tinctures from garlic. Detailed recipes here .

5. Cabbage

White cabbage, colored, red, Brussels sprouts, broccoli are equally suitable for the brain. Phosphorus, calcium, other minerals and vitamins, polyphenols in cabbage:

  1. Have a positive effect on blood composition, reduce its fluidity;
  2. Clean the blood and blood vessels , improving blood circulation;
  3. Strengthen the walls of arteries and veins;
  4. Normalize heart rhythms and stimulate blood flow.

6. Greens, leafy salads

Leafy salads, spinach and almost all greens are known primarily for their high vitamin C content. This is the best antioxidant, without which the recovery of any organ, especially the brain, cannot do.

His blood circulation is also improved due to:

  • Calcium , which regulates blood viscosity, increasing its fluidity and preventing clots from forming;
  • Essential oils, trace elements that normalize blood circulation in all types of vessels.

All kinds of greens should be present in the diet in abundance. One serving of lettuce a day for two to three weeks &8212; and it will become noticeable how chronic fatigue goes away, attention has increased and memory has strengthened. About others Brain-healthy fruits and vegetables see in a separate article.

7. Grape

Berries are one of the first places among products useful for cognitive functions. But grapes have a special polyphenol &8212; epicatechin.

Grapes are extremely useful for the blood vessels of the brain . Both black and red grapes are useful.

In addition, it contains a large amount of antioxidants makes grapes a must-have product in the diet of those who value mental performance.

8. Unrefined vegetable oils

Unrefined direct-pressed oils are one of the most essential products for the brain.

They contain vital fatty acids that help the brain by:

  1. Regulate the production of harmful cholesterol by the liver;
  2. Cleanse blood vessels of cholesterol plaques;
  3. Renew the blood, maintain its correct composition.
Only unrefined vegetable oil can benefit the circulatory system and brain cells. As a health remedy, unrefined cold-pressed oil is ideal: it retains a maximum of substances useful for blood vessels and cell membranes.

9. Bitter chocolate

Dark and bitter chocolate is one of the best remedies for Increase brain activity .

This product contains lecithin, theobromine, epicatechin, flavonoids and a large amount of fast carbohydrates, which when consumed instantly give a lot of energy and increase intelligence. In addition, chocolate:

  1. Dilates the blood vessels of the brain ;
  2. Accelerates the thought process, improves the quality of other functions of the thinking organ;
  3. Relieves vascular spasms, relieving headaches;
  4. Helps the production of endorphins and serotonin, improving mood;
  5. Eliminates the symptoms of fatigue and overwork, compensates for the effects of lack of sleep.

A slightly bitter delicacy quickly tones up, increases mindfulness and concentration. People whose profession requires attentiveness, quick reaction, and good memory should always have it on hand as an emergency aid.

10. Nuts

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins, especially vitamin E, vegetable protein make nuts a very valuable product that improves brain activity.

Regular consumption of a small handful of peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews, sesame seeds, pistachios, walnuts or almonds will help:

  1. Dilute the blood without allowing clots to form in it;
  2. Tone brain cells by giving them plenty of energy;
  3. Slightly dilating the arteries, move the blood flow to the desired strength;
  4. Normalize cholesterol metabolism by regulating the production of &171;bad&187; cholesterol;
  5. Improve the functions and enhance the natural activity of the brain.

Nuts can be eaten with honey.

Also check out the infographic:

And now let's talk about products that are harmful to normal blood circulation.

What should be avoided?

Along with healthy food, you need to remember about the risk, on the contrary, to clog the vessels of the brain, to harm it due to incorrectly selected products.

Increased blood pressure, signs of atherosclerosis, fatigue, poor sleep and daytime drowsiness will be provided if the following foods are constant in the diet.

  1. Fatty meat, poultry, red meat. This food inevitably leads to saturation of the blood with harmful substances that thicken it. Excessive fats of animal origin also harm blood circulation.
  2. Fried food. Any, even healthy fried foods, acquire additional amounts of fats and carcinogenic substances, which is directly related to clogging of the blood and deterioration of blood supply.
  3. Semi-finished products, smoked meats, sausages, fast food. It is difficult to find more harmful products for blood and blood vessels. They contain not only a lot of salt and fats, and often of poor quality. They abound in preservatives, flavor enhancers and other chemicals that clog the bloodstream.
  4. Fatty dairy products. It is useless to use low-fat kefir, cottage cheese and milk: they do not bring much benefit, because many useful substances are not absorbed without the right amount of fat. But excess fats are deposited on the mucous membrane of the walls of blood vessels and impede blood flow. About healthy dairy products see here.
  5. Sweets, cookies, muffins. Excess refined sugar, trans fats, modified foods can seriously affect the quality of blood, and therefore instantly affect the blood supply to the main vital organ. Learn more about the effects of glucose on the brain see here.

Other important recommendations

The organization of proper nutrition for the cardiovascular and circulatory system will help to normalize cerebral circulation. But there are plenty of additional ways to help the body improve the supply of oxygen and nutrients to brain cells.

  1. Physical activity and sports. Without enough physical activity, it is impossible to maintain the normal functioning of the heart muscle and maintain normal blood circulation. The brain primarily feels a lack of oxygen and nutrients when normal blood flow is disrupted.
  2. Massage of the collar area and the whole body. Sedentary lifestyle, the occurrence of osteochondrosis have a very negative effect on well-being and mental activity. Massage, and even self-massage, can make things much easier by increasing blood flow to the brain.
  3. Outdoor walks. Additional oxygen supply to the blood in combination with hiking improves blood circulation and supply to the brain.
  4. Ventilation of the premises. There is not enough oxygen in an enclosed space. This creates additional problems in the access of oxygen to brain cells. With ventilation, this problem is partially eliminated.
  5. Comfortable workplace. When working sedentary, it is especially important that the chair is as comfortable as possible, allowing you to occupy a physiologically comfortable position that does not disrupt blood flow.
  6. Sleep hygiene. During a night's rest, it is important to create conditions for complete relaxation in a comfortable position. This will help not to disrupt the blood circulation of the brain.
  7. Sufficient amount of liquid consumed. Too thick blood can hardly pass through the bloodstream. Primarily the brain suffers from dehydration , which, moreover, consists of 80% water. Drinking at least 2 liters of liquid per day will help to avoid dehydration and circulatory disorders.

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Not only a person's intellectual life, but also his physiology depends on the supply of blood to the brain. And a proper diet is simply necessary for those who need to keep their mental performance at the proper level, and for those who have problems with blood circulation.