Which foods clean the lymph — Top 7 most useful

The lymphatic system is a natural highway through which toxins and metabolic products unnecessary to the body are excreted. Its contamination is the cause of inflammation of the lymph nodes, increased stress on the immune system, and exacerbation of chronic diseases.

According to research, the diet has a significant impact on the effectiveness of the lymph system in performing its functions.

This article discusses products that stimulate the self-purification of the lymphatic system. Sweet watermelons, spicy spices and fragrant herbal preparations will detox without harm. Cleansing products should be consumed regularly. The exclusion of harmful food will help to consolidate the result of cleaning for a long time. In addition, you should change your lifestyle, diet, rest and physical activity. We will talk about all this in the article.

Causes of problems with the lymph system

Metabolic products circulate in the lymphatic system, and this is completely normal. This is how the body gets rid of metabolites. The inflammatory process begins if:

  1. Ignore food allergies and continue to eat food containing allergens;
  2. Eat fast food, foods containing trans fats, prohibited dyes and flavor enhancers;
  3. Do not drink clean water, quenching thirst with drinks only;
  4. Exceed the alcohol limits allowed by nutritionists;
  5. Take medications without a doctor's appointment;
  6. Smoking;
  7. Overestimate the amount of protein in the diet, and exclude carbohydrates and fats.

6 general rules of nutrition

To improve the condition of the lymphatic system, the following nutrition rules must be followed:

  1. Balance the diet. It is necessary to consume at least 1-2 g proteins and fats per kilogram of body weight, and at least 3 g of carbohydrates. More of them are shown to physically active people, as well as those whose goal is to gain muscle mass. The less active a person is, the more the balance in his diet shifts towards carbohydrates. For an office worker who does not exercise, it is optimal to consume 1.2 g of protein, about the same amount of fat, and 4 g of carbohydrates. Such a balance will give the body the opportunity to efficiently absorb macronutrients, and not pollute the internal environment.
  2. Drink more clean water. The drinking regime is maintained at the level of 30-40 ml of water per 1 kg of body weight in order to avoid dehydration and related metabolic disorders.
  3. Include healthy fats in the diet. Salads need to be seasoned with natural vegetable olive or grape oil, or use black cumin oil, it has specialized properties for cleansing.
  4. Eat more vegetables and fruits. The more fresh seasonal vegetables, herbs and fruits in the diet, the easier it is for the body to cope with cleansing on its own.
  5. Follow the meal schedule. It is better to take food in moderate portions, at the same time. Modern dietetics refutes the benefits of too fractional nutrition, and advises ordinary people, far from sports, 3-4 meals.
  6. Limit coffee and alcohol. The norm for drinks is 2 cups of tea or coffee, plus water in the amount of 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight. Alcohol is allowed only if there are no exacerbations, and in the amount of no more than 2 glasses of red or white dry wine.

If you don't have the ability or desire to count proteins, fats and carbohydrates, you should stick to the plate principle:

  • Half a plate - salad of fresh vegetables, or a portion of fruits or berries useful for cleansing lymph;
  • Quarter - meat, fish, egg, or other protein sources;
  • Quarter - cereals, legumes or pasta made from durum wheat.

Top 7 Cleansing Products

What foods should I add to my diet to speed up detox? Here are the 7 most effective options:

1. Licorice Root

The medicinal plant accelerates the flow of lymph, and promotes the rapid elimination of metabolites. It alkalizes the internal environment of the body, fights acidosis, and helps everyone who suffers from excessive protein intake.

Licorice additionally removes phlegm from the lungs, helps to improve their oxygen filling, and helps to get rid of bile stagnation. Licorice root is purchased at a pharmacy, and brewed 1 tablespoon per 200 ml of boiling water. This amount of broth can be added to regular tea, or drunk.

2. Black cumin, grape seed or pumpkin oil

All natural cold-pressed oils purify the lymph, but these three do it best due to the ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Flaxseed oil and flax seeds can be consumed too. The doctor Karnaut recommends cleansing the body with vegetable oils.

Healthy fats can become a regular component of the diet. They are added to cold salads, porridges, dry meat or fish. But you can also drink a spoonful on an empty stomach in the morning, with water, if it is difficult to add oil to the diet during the day.

3. Collecting herbs and green smoothies

In the pharmacy you can find several collections of herbs for purifying lymph. The simplest &8212; is to mix licorice, milk thistle and calendula in a ratio of 1 to 1, and brew 25 g per 200 ml of water. This amount is divided into 4 parts, and drunk half an hour before meals.

Green smoothies are convenient because they are food themselves. Lymph and blood are purified by recipes with spinach and celery:

  1. Mix the juice of 1 lemon, a bunch of spinach, celery, 2 bananas and a handful of flaxseeds in a blender for density;
  2. Squeeze the juice from a bunch of celery, mix in a blender with 1 green apple and mountain pumpkin seeds.

4. Fruit and vegetable juices

For those who find it difficult to gain the necessary amount of calories from food, and who cannot drink water, there are fruit and vegetable juices. Most useful for the lymph system:

  1. Juice of celery, parsley, cucumber, beetroot;
  2. Citrus fruit juices;
  3. Berry mixes of northern berries – cloudberry and boneberry, blueberry and raspberry.

Juices are prepared at home, and they drink 200 ml instead of one of the meals. Some sources recommend drinking 4 glasses of juice instead of eating on one of the days of the week, but this method is only for those who do not have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, eating behavior, and who do not need to maintain muscle mass.

Fruit juices are not recommended for weight loss and diabetics. The same applies to beet juice. For all their benefits, they increase blood sugar levels rapidly, and contribute to pancreatic overload and increased appetite.


5. Black walnut

Black walnut is a folk remedy for lymphatic health. It came from oriental medicine, is sold on the Internet and it is recommended to use it either 1 teaspoon in the form of chips, washed down with water, or brew the same amount per glass of water and drink it.

Black walnut has no proven efficacy. A rather toxic tinder mushroom can be sold under its guise, because the use of this recipe should be discussed with a doctor.

6. Watermelon

The berry contains a lot of water, and stimulates the excretion of toxins from the body in the urine. It does not give a high caloric load, and helps to diversify the diet.

It is worth abstaining only from watermelon mono diets, as they harm the gastrointestinal tract, reduce the basic level of metabolism, and adversely affect the pancreas.

7. Regular drinking water

This is the best product for cleansing and health. It is important to choose soft water, and drink it regularly, without waiting for extreme thirst. Water helps to eliminate all toxins from the body.

The addition of cucumber, lemon, grapefruit, or lime juice in a ratio of 3 to 1 helps to enhance the effect of water.

Superfoods and herbal preparations for purifying lymph will not work if you do not balance your diet and normalize your daily routine.


What should be avoided?

The list of exceptions is standard:

  1. All smoked meats, fast food, sausages are better to eat no more than once a week;
  2. Pastries, sweets and sweets – for special occasions;
  3. Alcohol, especially strong alcohol, should be excluded if there are problems with detox;
  4. Instant drinks, 3-in-1 coffee, instant noodles, semi–finished products - also use as a treat, if necessary;
  5. Cheap seasonings with flavor enhancers, and sauces based on them, as well as chips, crackers and fried salted nuts – exclude forever
Sources of trans fats and chemicals can disguise themselves as healthy food. Read the information on the labels and do not consume anything that contains hydrogenated fats, fructose syrup, and flavor enhancers.


Other recommendations

Traditional medicine recommends cleansing the lymph in the bath. It does not require any special manipulations, just 2-4 visits to the steam room or sauna followed by washing with cool water. Juniper or oak brooms will enhance the process, but this is not necessary. The bath accelerates microcirculation, dilates blood vessels, and helps to get rid of problems with stagnation of lymph.

For those who do not like the bath, you can offer:

  1. Floating in salt water – massages tissues, provides lymphatic drainage;
  2. Lymphatic drainage massage;
  3. Soaring in a cedar barrel;
  4. Regular swimming in the pool.

Lymph cleansing is helped by walking outdoors for 30-40 minutes a day, and moderate physical activity.

You should also avoid stress and a bad mood.

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Useful Video

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Cleansing the lymph is a real task. It is only necessary to establish a healthy diet, introduce healthy foods into the diet and regularly warm up, get physical activity. It is not necessary to use dietary supplements and expensive medicines.

Rational nutrition every day, physical activity 3-4 times a week, and a sauna 1-2 times a week will help to maintain health for many years.