Olga Butakova's method for cleansing lymph and the whole body — 2 main schemes

Lymphatic fluid (lymph, sucrose) plays an important role in the human body. It is a viscous substance, due to which the interstitial fluid is cleaned.

The lymph nodes purify the lymphatic fluid from the presence of parasites, bacteria, toxins and other undesirable impurities. Due to the larger vessels, the lymph enters the following lymph nodes, from where it is absorbed back into the blood.

Disorders in the functioning of the lymphatic system are fraught with significant problems in the body. If the purification of lymphatic fluid in the lymph nodes is not effective enough, the lymph loses the ability to perform protective functions, which can lead to a number of characteristic diseases and other undesirable consequences.

Olga Alekseevna Butakova, PhD in pedagogy and a nutritionist with 30 years of experience, insists that it is periodically necessary to stimulate the self-purification of the lymph system. For this purpose, she developed special author's techniques, which we will provide in this article

Features of Olga Butakova's method

According to Olga Alekseevna Butakova, it is worth resorting to lymph cleansing not only for existing health problems, but also to use this procedure as a preventive measure. This is especially true for residents of large cities.

The state of lymph is influenced by many factors:

  1. Heredity, genetic predisposition;
  2. Having bad habits;
  3. Nutrition;
  4. The presence of parasites, etc.

The mechanism of lymph purification according to Olga Butakova involves the use of the following forms of drugs-lymphostimulators:

  1. Licorice root (enhanced).
  2. Brown algae extract.
  3. Coral water.
  4. Colo-vada (complex of drugs – the main active element).
  5. Activin.
  6. Ultimate.

All used and recommended drugs have passed numerous studies confirming their environmental purity, effectiveness and safety.

A prerequisite for the procedure is the preliminary elimination of toxins from the liver, intestines and digestive organs – so the effect will be long and more noticeable.

What effect can be achieved — Top 10

As a result of the cleansing of the lymphatic system, the body's ability to independently remove poisons, slags and toxins is significantly improved. Also, the positive effects include the following:

  1. Stimulation of the immune system;
  2. Reducing the incidence of SARS;
  3. Reducing the severity of allergic reactions;
  4. A surge of strength ;
  5. Mood improvement and sleep quality;
  6. Increased brain activity ;
  7. Relief of chronic diseases;
  8. Elimination of puffiness;
  9. Weight normalization;
  10. Improvement of the skin condition.

Direct readings

As mentioned earlier, lymph cleansing is an extremely useful procedure as a preventive measure. In most cases, a modern person somehow has certain problems with the lymph fulfilling its functionality.

At the same time, there are direct indications that such cleaning is a mandatory procedure. These include the following:

  1. Various diseases associated with the pelvic organs;
  2. Problematic skin rashes (blackheads, acne);
  3. HPV in various forms;
  4. Joint diseases;
  5. Impaired liver or kidney function;
  6. Chronic acute respiratory viral infections (runny nose, cold, inflammation of the cervical lymph nodes(!);
  7. Chronic thrombophlebitis;
  8. Exacerbations of allergic reactions of the body.

Preparation for the procedure

Before starting the lymph purification process, a number of preparatory procedures should be performed beforehand. This is the first step towards systemic detoxification and rejuvenation of the body. Preparatory measures include the following:

  1. Cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract;
  2. Liver cleansing.

1. Cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract

Cleaning of the intestines and stomach should be carried out using of the Kolo-Vada Plus complex , which can be purchased on the Coral Club website. Nutritionist Olga Butakova recommends carrying out the procedure according to the following algorithm:

Time period : Drugs: Note:
1 week; 1 package labeled 1 twice a day; morning and evening during meals;
Day 8-11; 1 package labeled 2; 1 time a day with meals;
8-11 day; 4 times a day &8212; powdered cocktails; every 3 hours, accompanied by copious drinking of water, juices, herbal tea, etc. (non-caffeinated drinks);
12-14 day; 1 package labeled 3; add boiled or steamed vegetables, meat, and eggs to the diet.


2. Ridding the liver of toxins

In order to perform a high-quality cleansing of the liver from toxins and harmful microflora, Olga Butakova recommends following the following drug regimen:

Drug: Dosage: Time of administration: Exposure:
Artichoke; 1 capsule 4 times a day; 4 times a day during meals; restoration of cellular protective function;
Coral Mine (water enriched with coral structure); 1 package per 2 liters of water / during the day; all day long; General cleansing and strengthening effect;
Fan Detox ; according to the individual characteristics of the body; protection from the negative effects of alcohol and medicinal pharmaceuticals;
True Lecithin; 1 capsule twice a day; 2 times a day during meals; stimulation and maintenance of liver, kidney and central nervous system functions nervous system ;
Assimilator; 1 piece twice a day; 2 times a day during meals; maintenance and stimulation of the digestive system;
Alfalfa; 1 capsule three times a day; 3 times a day during meals; strengthening effect on vascular condition .


Cleaning instructions — 2 diagrams

It is necessary to proceed directly to the purification of the lymphatic system immediately after the completion of preparatory procedures to get rid of toxins from the gastrointestinal tract and liver.

At the same time, Olga Butakova offers a choice of 2 cleaning schemes.

Scheme No.1

Scheme No. 1 involves taking the following drugs:

  • Licorice root;
  • Of brown algae;
  • Artichokes;
  • Of the probiotic complex.

As for the recommendations on the distribution of the drug throughout the day, Olga Butakova recommends following the following scheme daily throughout the entire two-week cycle:

Time: Drug: Note
morning; 1 Licorice root tablet; dissolve in water;
20 minutes after taking licorice root; 1 glass of coral water; "Alka-Mine", 1 package is dissolved in 2 liters of pure water and consumed within 24 hours;
3 more hours later; reception of brown algae; prevent the reverse penetration of poisons and toxins into the composition of the lymphatic fluid after their excretion;
morning, afternoon and evening; 1 artichoke tablet; while taking water or food.

In addition, for a more pronounced effect, it is recommended to accompany the course with probiotics according to the recommendations attached to specific dosage forms.

Scheme No. 2

Scheme No. 2 involves taking the following drugs:

  • Licorice root
  • Enterosgel.

For more information about this method, see here →

Enterosgel is present here for the sorption of undesirable substances and their systematic elimination from the body. Due to its composition, the gel removes toxins, poisons and slags, but does not remove significant useful substances, vitamins, minerals.

Medications are taken twice a day:

  1. In the morning (on an empty stomach), you should take 1 spoonful of licorice root syrup;
  2. After an hour, take 1 tablespoon of enterosgel, washed down with clean water.

Meals should be taken an hour later (an hour after taking enterosgel).

During the course of cleansing the lymph system, a runny nose with copious mucus discharge may begin. This indicates the successful elimination of toxins from the body.


When is it better to take the course?

As mentioned earlier, cleansing the body using the Butakova method is also relevant for healthy people.

The best time to clean is spring, because during this period the body is in particular need of stimulation of the immune system. Cleaning directly contributes to this, additionally preventing the likelihood of acute respiratory viral infections, as well as exacerbation of allergic reactions inherent in an individual organism.

How often should I resort to this method?

The cleaning course (excluding preliminary procedures) takes an average of 2 weeks. In case of severe problems of the lymphatic system, the course is recommended 1-2 times a year (in spring and autumn). In the absence of the above-mentioned problems, it makes sense to resort to the procedure 1 in 1-2 years.

5 tips for fixing the result

The effect should be consolidated by adherence to a healthy lifestyle, which includes:

  1. Proper nutrition, taking into account the individual needs of the body;
  2. Healthy sleep;
  3. Giving up bad habits (first of all, smoking and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol);
  4. Improving the environmental situation;
  5. Moderate physical activity.


The procedure is equally well suited for most. Cleaning does not require grueling fasting or performing any specific procedures.

At the same time, the method suggests some contraindications:

  1. So, the main active ingredient (Colo-Vada) is contraindicated in the presence of tumors, urolithiasis. &8216;
  2. In addition, with severe diseases of the kidneys or thyroid gland, the consumption of brown algae included in the complex should be limited. Functionally, they can be replaced by taking activated carbon or an increased dosage of Colo-Vada.
Before starting the cleaning process, it is worth consulting a doctor. This is especially true if there are pronounced problems with the lymphatic system or diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.


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Thus, the purification technique of Olga Butakova's authorship is effective (which is confirmed by positive reviews and numerous tests of the methods), safe and does not require significant costs.

In order to achieve the maximum possible positive effect, the above-described preparatory procedures should not be neglected.

Write in the comments your results from this procedure!