Instructions for cleaning lymph with licorice and Enterosgel + step-by-step cooking recipe

Lymph is a colorless liquid, its base is ordinary water. Micronutrients are dissolved in it, which are mixed with shaped bodies and subsequently blood is formed.

What is the purification of lymph? This is a decrease in the concentration of toxins and normalization of the balance of micronutrients in its composition.

In this article, we will provide an effective recipe for such cleaning at home using licorice root and Enterosgel. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this method, indications for its use and contraindications.

How effective is this method?

Licorice root is widely used in therapeutic practice. The main property of this component is the stimulation of lymph outflow, which indirectly also accelerates its production.

Licorice root also helps to avoid lymph stagnation, in which the lymph nodes often become inflamed (they act as a kind of filtering barrier that purify the lymph from toxins before it enters the main bloodstream). Thus, licorice is the best lymphostimulator.

And Enterosgel is one of the most effective and at the same time safe sorbents , which help to remove toxins from the gastrointestinal tract, prevent them from entering the lymph. But it is worth considering that this gel is not absorbed by the body, does not penetrate through the intestinal walls. Accordingly, it does not purify the blood and lymph itself in any way, but prevents toxins from entering them from the gastrointestinal tract.

In total, this method really works. But it will not be relevant if it is necessary to get rid of toxins formed in the lymphatic system due to the action of certain bacteria or viruses (for example, after the flu, any other upper respiratory tract disease).

Indications for the procedure

In the following situations, it may be necessary to cleanse the lymph system:

  1. Recovery of the body after drinking alcohol;
  2. Recovery of the body after prolonged use of medications;
  3. The need to accelerate metabolism (in order to lose a few extra pounds);
  4. Prevention of diseases of the liver and urinary tract (kidney and liver failure should also be included here);
  5. Heart failure in combination with edema of the extremities;
  6. Presence of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  7. Tendency to hemorrhoids (which indicates stagnation in the venous plexuses).

In principle, this method of lymph cleansing is also suitable for the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

It is recommended to use it at least 3-4 times during the calendar year to keep the circulatory system in good condition and reduce the likelihood of heart and vascular diseases.

What will such a cleaning do — 9 facts

Cleansing the lymph with licorice and Enterosgel will have the following effects on the work of the whole body:

  1. Normalization of the biochemical composition of blood . This will comprehensively improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, prevent the development of diseases such as atherosclerosis. Indirectly, this action will also help to reduce the nominal blood sugar level, which will be extremely useful in the treatment of diabetes mellitus (including type 1, that is, when the body does not produce insulin on its own).
  2. Normalization of the water-salt balance. It helps to thin the blood and thus Normalize its viscosity , reduce the likelihood of heart attack, stroke, optimize blood pressure (including hypotension).
  3. Will prevent the accumulation of toxins in the blood vessels. Namely, they subsequently form blood clots, plaques, which worsen blood flow and often lead to the formation of blockages.
  4. Improvement of the gastrointestinal tract. Is achieved due to the action of Enterosgel, which, when taken for 2-3 weeks, completely cleanses the intestines of accumulated toxins. At the same time, such a remedy has no effect on the microflora, which is why this sorbent is considered one of the safest.
  5. Normalization of the urinary system. In the presence of a large number of toxins in the blood (in particular, sodium compounds), the kidneys are the first to "suffer". Regular lymph cleansing will prevent the development of kidney failure and urolithiasis.
  6. Will increase the concentration of white blood cells in the blood . They, in turn, are the most important elements of the immune system. All this in total will increase the body's resistance to infectious diseases, this is especially noticeable in the winter season, which accounts for the peak of colds.
  7. Will increase the oxygen concentration in the blood. This is primarily due to the action of licorice root, which increases mucus secretion and literally cleanses the lungs of toxins. As a result, a larger volume of oxygen gets into the blood, which directly affects the work of the hematopoietic system, accelerates the outflow of lymph.
  8. Will speed up production hemoglobin and red blood cells . The synthesis of these shaped elements directly depends on the composition of the lymph and its concentration iron .
  9. Will get rid of cellulite formation. In women after the age of 25, the functionality of the digestive system changes dramatically, the amount of fat that is deposited in the subcutaneous tissue increases. Regular cleansing of the lymph normalizes the balance of nutrients in the blood, reduces the amount of fat that the body "deposits" (it is impossible to completely stop this process, since this is the physiology of the female body).

In total, the benefits of this cleaning method are significant, but there are almost no side effects. The only contraindication is an individual allergic reaction to licorice. But it is extremely rare.

Preparation for the procedure

Preparation for lymph cleansing is no less important. During this period, it is necessary to adhere to a specialized diet, and at the same time – at least 2 times a week to visit the steam room (but only in the absence of contraindications).

It is also recommended to undergo a comprehensive examination beforehand in order to determine the presence of "hidden" diseases of the cardiovascular system.

So, you will need to:

  1. Adhere to at least 7 days of a specialized diet. During this period, it is allowed to eat only vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, buckwheat porridge, fermented dairy products, seafood, as well as chicken meat (pork, beef are strictly contraindicated). And at the same time, all food should be cooked either steamed or baked without adding meat. All this is necessary to stimulate the breakdown of cholesterol. It is also important to include iodized salt in the diet – this will help normalize the water-salt balance, as well as prevent disruptions in the endocrine system (they often occur with sudden changes in the usual diet). Only green tea (preferably with a minimum amount of sugar), dried fruits, honey, jelly, compote are allowed from sweets. Everything else should be discarded.
  2. Visit the sauna. A week before the scheduled cleaning, it is necessary to visit the steam room 2-3 times. This will help to remove toxins from the subcutaneous tissue, which refers to tissue fluids. But it is from it that the lymph is subsequently formed.
  3. Give up bad habits. A week before the scheduled cleaning, you need to completely stop smoking, as well as drinking alcohol. It is also advisable to abandon drugs based on ethyl alcohol.
  4. Make a cleansing enema. During the week before the scheduled cleaning, it is carried out 2 times 20-30 minutes before the scheduled sleep. It is recommended to make a mug, that is, using about 1.5 – 2 liters of liquid.

How to take it — 3-step instructions

Now we will discuss how to properly prepare and take licorice and Enterosgel to effectively cleanse the lymph. The classic instruction is as follows:

  1. Every morning for 7 days, take 50 milliliters of licorice root decoction on an empty stomach. How to cook it? It will take 10 grams of crushed dry root, it is poured with a glass of water, brought to a boil over low heat in a closed container. Next, "simmer" in a water bath for 45-60 minutes. After that, let it cool and strain. After that, the broth is ready.
  2. At lunch, before high tea and before dinner, also drink 50 milliliters of ready-made decoction from licorice root. At the same time, it is necessary to cook fresh every day, it is strictly contraindicated to use it from the previous day.
  3. Every morning on an empty stomach, after decoction, it is necessary to take 1.5 tablespoons of Enterosgel. At the same time, you can have breakfast no earlier than 1.5 hours later. Up to this point, you can only drink water or green tea, but it is better to have a chamomile decoction that is not strong (you can also buy tea in the form of chamomile bags, these are now sold in almost every pharmacy).

This algorithm must be followed throughout the week. Next – a break of 5 days. If no negative effects are found, then you can re-clean according to the same scheme. If the lymph is cleared of toxins for the first time, it is recommended to take the remedy for 3 weeks (after each week there is a break of 5 days). Next, clean every 3 months for a week.

During the period of taking the remedy, you should also visit the steam room at least 2 times a week . This additionally stimulates the production of lymph, prevents its stagnation. Naturally, this should be done only in the absence of an elevated body temperature (very rarely, taking a decoction from licorice root can increase it, but it completely normalizes about 1-2 days after the start of the course).

5 Alternative Recipes

There are many other methods of lymph cleansing, and they are no less effective. They should be considered if taking Enterosgel is impossible for someone (for many, this remedy provokes a gag reflex). The best options would be:

  1. With activated carbon. In terms of its effectiveness, the use of activated carbon is not inferior to Enterosgel, since it is a complete analogue in terms of its functions as a sorbent. It is necessary to take it 1 time a day, the optimal dosage is calculated from the patient's weight (1 tablet per 6 kilograms of body weight, it should not be reduced during the course, even if it was possible to get rid of a couple of extra kilograms). The cleaning scheme remains the same.
  2. With Polysorb. Polysorb is also a complete analogue of Enterosgel and activated carbon, the principle of action is similar, but it is based on silicate compounds that well remove toxins formed during the vital activity of helminths. It should be taken according to the instructions. Naturally, this remedy must be washed down with plenty of water.
  3. Olga Butakova's method. Colo-Vada is used as a sorbent in this method. According to Butakova herself, its main advantage is not only the purification of toxins, but also the normalization of the balance of microflora. But every morning you need to do a cleansing enema. This option will be optimal in cases where the patient has chronic constipation or other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract affecting the work of peristalsis.
  4. Elecampane and licorice. This combination will be optimal if it is also necessary to clean the liver. Also, such a course can be supplemented with Enterosgel or activated carbon. Elecampane is taken according to the following scheme: in the morning 20 milliliters of ready–made broth, after dinner - another 30 milliliters. And it is prepared as follows: 15 grams of the dry base of the herb elecampane (not the root) is poured with 10 milliliters of boiling water and infused until it cools. The finished product has a dark bronze hue, it is recommended to wash it down with water, since the taste is quite bitter.
  5. Tablets or syrup instead of decoction. The decoction can be replaced with pharmacy remedies for lymph dispersal: syrup or licorice tablets. But, judging by the reviews, the therapeutic effect in this case will be somewhat weaker. They are taken according to the instructions. Treatment is necessarily supplemented with the intake of Enterosgel.


Contraindications for such cleansing of the lymph and the entire lymphatic system are:

  1. Allergic reaction to licorice;
  2. Diseases of the cardiovascular system in the period of exacerbation;
  3. Urolithiasis in the acute stage;
  4. Cirrhosis of the liver;
  5. Oncology (when there is a risk of damage to the lymphatic system, through which metastases most often spread throughout the body).

Also, such a procedure should not be performed during pregnancy and lactation. Licorice root affects the secretion of mucus, in some cases it stimulates the contraction of smooth muscles, which can even lead to early childbirth.

Lymph cleansing should not be carried out and children under 13 years of age . Before this age, their blood composition is not yet stable, it often changes (and sometimes the blood type may change altogether), so you definitely should not try to regulate it "from the outside" – this can provoke complications in the development of the genitourinary system in transition. But from the age of 15-16, this method can be used, but you should definitely consult with a therapist first.

Possible side effects

If you do not follow the above algorithm for cleansing lymph and take breaks from taking decoction and Enterosgel, then there is a high probability that there will be no effect at all.

If you don't take breaks, then Blood viscosity may increase due to the active constant outflow of fluid. But such cases are extremely rare.

It is also not uncommon for those who have already used this cleaning method to mention that breaking the rules can cause a rash on the face and back is also a kind of manifestation of an allergic reaction to an increase in the amount of sodium compounds in the blood (lymph outflow certainly increases their balance). Again, this effect is temporary and goes away on its own within 3 to 4 days.

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In total, the procedure described in the article is a simple, and most importantly, an affordable method of purifying lymph and normalizing the state of the lymphatic and circulatory systems. This remedy is also effective for the prevention of diseases of the urethra, cardiovascular and digestive systems. And at the same time, it is absolutely safe. All side effects that occur due to a violation of the cleaning scheme are temporary, they do not affect the functionality of the same circulatory system in any way.