How to disperse lymph in the body and improve lymph flow during stagnation — 7 methods

Why do I need to improve lymph circulation? This helps to strengthen the immune system, get rid of edema, and ensure regular elimination of toxins.

People are looking for ways to disperse lymph if they encounter certain problems. Inflammation of the lymph nodes, rapid weight gain, and frequent colds are signs that this issue needs to be addressed.

Fortunately, the ways to improve overall health and lymphatic acceleration are largely the same. Many methods are available at home.

Physical exercises, eating healthy foods and fresh vegetables, normalization of metabolic processes with the help of a bath and massage help to get rid of problems with the lymphatic system. But wearing tight clothes, sedentary work and a low–activity lifestyle exacerbate them. Sometimes doctors may prescribe medications to stimulate lymph outflow. Read more about all this in our article.

Causes of lymph stagnation

Complete stagnation of lymph is physiologically impossible. In a living person, it moves and removes toxins. But violations of her work happen if:

  1. Avoid physical exercise for a long time and a simple walk or do two miracle movements to disperse the lymph in the morning, and then sit in the office all day. Activity of the lymphatic and circulatory systems are closely related. If a person avoids an increase in heart rate, his blood moves slowly, there may be problems with lymph, too;
  2. Eat only harmful foods containing a lot of hydrogenated fats, preservatives, and dyes that accumulate in the lymph and are not excreted from the body properly;
  3. Do not keep a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This makes the body vulnerable to viruses and infections, "destroys" its immunity. Doctors associate the poor functioning of the lymphatic system with disorders of the immune system, but few people link both risk factors to the fact that a person eats only carbohydrates. Is there only pasta, porridge, and potatoes on the menu with a rare sausage or a thin piece of cheese? It is worth rearranging the diet as early as possible, adding lean poultry, fish, eggs and dairy products. It will be difficult to disperse the lymph without this, even if you wash down the pasta with green juice from cucumber and parsley;
  4. Wear tight clothes, compression underwear and high heels. A woman should be beautiful, period. Fashionable clothes and shoes harm not only blood circulation and digestion, but also impede the outflow of lymph. Compression and slimming bodysuits, skinny jeans, and high-heeled shoes should be worn no more than 6-8 hours a day. The rest of the time – loose, non-tight clothing made of natural fabrics;
  5. Smoking. A bad habit not only contributes to vasoconstriction, but also leads to a decrease in the lumen of the lymphatic ducts. Puffing on a cigarette causes spontaneous contraction of smooth muscles. This prevents our body fluids from moving at the speed provided by nature, and prevents the outflow of lymph. And cigarettes emit resins and toxins that increase the density of lymph;
  6. Alcohol consumption. It is sometimes claimed that a couple of glasses of red wine only improve the outflow of lymph. But if a person already has liver problems, it is better for him to give up alcohol altogether. Toxins enter the lymph directly and disrupt its outflow.

7 effective ways to overclock it

"Disperse" the lymph does not mean to carry out some short-term activities, for example, start eating red pepper or going for a massage. All actions should be carried out in a complex so that a holistic picture of a healthy lifestyle is obtained.

In addition, you will have to start not with nutrition or physical activity, but with a comprehensive medical examination. Swelling of the face and limbs, constipation, constant poor health and a tendency to colds may not be associated with lymphoma, but may relate to symptoms of kidney, liver, or heart disease.

1. Normalization of nutrition

The diet should provide a person with proteins, fats, carbohydrates, essential vitamins and minerals. Something like a list of superfoods is often recommended.

It includes:

  1. Watermelons;
  2. Cucumbers, zucchini and pumpkin;
  3. Cabbage of different types;
  4. Parsley and dill, as well as fennel and celery;
  5. Natural lime honey;
  6. Black cumin and flax oil;
  7. Immortelle herb, licorice and bearberry;
  8. Tea from cypress (ivan tea).

The most basic thing is to balance your diet. It is necessary to start weighing all the food, and plan the diet so that there are at least 1.5 g of proteins, at least 1.2 g of fats, and carbohydrates – from 3 g and above per 1 kg of current human weight.

Weight loss veterans often count their need for food from their ideal weight. This is not right. You need to find out how much you should eat for health at your current weight, and then start reducing only the amount of carbohydrates, but at least 2 g per kilo of body weight. If you need even fewer carbohydrates, you should prioritize differently. Connect physical activity, it will help to get rid of both fat and stagnant lymph.

The second point is that you need to consume fiber. It is customary to "forget" about fiber, and modern food is too well processed to supply it in the required amount. Any calorie counting app helps you find out how much fiber a person is consuming. So vegetables, fruits, and cereals should be eaten exactly so much that it gives at least 25 g of fiber.

Drinking clean water is also important. At least 30-40 ml per 1 kg of body weight should be drunk during the day. Lemon juice or grapefruit juice can be added to the water, but not sugar or sweet fruit juices.

Proper nutrition will work only if a person uses it systematically. The dishes should be fresh, you can cook for 3 days at most. Everything else should be deep-frozen. Vegetables and fruits are on the table all year round, meat and fish are in sufficient quantity.

2. Folk remedies

It's worth being careful here. It is usually recommended to:

  1. Conduct cleaning with licorice root and Enterosgel . A fairly effective method.
  2. Perform purification by the method of Olga Butakova . It is also an effective method, but requires the purchase of special dietary supplements.
  3. Drink 5 cups of green tea a day, brewing at least 5 g of leaf per 150 ml of hot water;
  4. Replace tea with a decoction of licorice (a tablespoon per glass of boiling water, insist for 20 minutes);
  5. Remove all drinks from the diet in favor of a decoction of ivan tea (a cup will require about a tablespoon of dry herbs of boiling water, and it is brewed like ordinary tea).

In addition, they practice drinking 1 tablespoon of vegetable oils on an empty stomach, washed down with a glass of water. All these recipes are harmless, only those who do not tolerate herbs, or have problems with bile outflow, and are going to drink oil should beware.

Folk remedies are not recommended to get carried away for another reason. Usually, a person replaces with them the simple need to be physically active, eat balanced food, and drink clean water. Folk recipes do not work until other components of a healthy lifestyle are introduced.

3. Massage

Manual massage is useful even in the self-massage format. It helps to improve both blood circulation and lymph flow on the face, legs and arms, as well as in other parts of the body. It is recommended to do this:

  1. Take medical massage courses according to indications;
  2. At home, knead trigger points (nodules of "clogged" muscles) with your hands, a tennis ball or a foot massager;
  3. Use a stiff brush with bristles in the shower 1-2 times a week, massage the body from the ankles to the waist and above, to the fingertips and neck;
  4. In the absence of contraindications, buy a vibration pad on the chair, and use it every evening.

Do facial massage at home like this:

Hardware massage is prescribed to reduce swelling, normalize lymph outflow, and lose weight. A special suit is put on a person, which massages the body under pressure. Hardware massage can stimulate lymphatic drainage and remove stagnation in a few sessions. The bonus is weight loss and elimination of toxins.

4. Exercises

Physical activity is useful in any form that corresponds to the state of health.

If there are no contraindications – 30-50 minutes walk or other low-intensity aerobic activity (swimming, dancing, cycling, roller skating, working on cardio equipment, attending aerobic group programs at a fitness club).

The heart rate during operation should not be below 110 beats per minute. The upper limit is 120-140 strokes, the older the age, the smaller the figure.

Strength training is useful in the mode of about 30-40 seconds under load, in 3-4 sets of one exercise. To improve the outflow of lymph, you will have to do something like squats, push-ups, lunges, pulls and pull-ups, rather than isolating the buttocks with a rubber band. The more muscles involved in movement, the greater the systemic effect.

Strength training is carried out 2-3 times a week. You can supplement them with stretching exercises.

Popular complexes like "wave your leg lying on a barrel and make a kitty" usually lead only to a feeling of complete moral satisfaction. It is better to do 10 squats, 10 push-ups and 10 twists on the press, if scientifically based fitness in a specialized room with a trainer is not yours.

No desire? Walk up the stairs and do self-massage of the abdomen in circular movements in the morning after getting out of bed and before going to bed. In any case, activity will have to be adjusted. This is one of the most effective means.

5. Medicines

It is usually advised to drink euphyllin, arginine or drugs, dilating vessels . This may indirectly help. But in practice, you need to take medications, only there are health problems. Independently "clean something there" is an option that can cause side effects.

The exception is general restorative drugs such as polyoxidonium and polysorb. The first protects the immune system, the second removes toxins from the intestines.

6. Cryoprocedures

A cryocamber or a cold bath/shower can also improve lymph flow. These procedures are performed for several seconds at a time, and the effect lasts for years. Cryocambers are available in sanatoriums and hospitals, and a cold bath or shower is an affordable remedy for everyone.

Do not perform cryotherapy during a seasonal decrease in immunity! Start in the summer, gradually reducing the temperature, and get only a healing effect.

7. Sauna and steam room

A traditional means of cleansing the northern peoples. It not only improves lymph outflow and blood circulation, but also fights edema and excess weight. It helps to prevent lymph stagnation, and improves immunity.

Massage with a broom helps to disperse the lymph, or even the usual rubbing with a stiff brush or washcloth.

Honey-salt scrub is popular among folk recipes for baths. Lime honey and coarse sea salt are mixed in equal proportions, and the skin is rubbed in circular movements from the ankles to the waist.

It is possible to stimulate the outflow of lymph at home without a bath by taking a bath with 1 kg of sea salt in a standard bath. Improves lymph outflow by adding essential oils of rosemary, juniper or coniferous extract to the water. Sometimes, to purify and improve the outflow of lymph, it is recommended to brew 1 kg of yarrow grass per 6 liters of boiling water, and use this concentrate to prepare a bath.

Go to the sauna and take baths to improve lymph outflow at least once a week.

What should be avoided?

Should be avoided:

  1. Careless attitude to colds. If left untreated, a "critical mass" of complications constantly attacks the immune system, and it gives up. The lymph thickens, many metabolites circulate in it, and a person is faced with multiple inflammatory processes;
  2. Improper oral hygiene. Uncleaned teeth are not only aesthetically unpleasant, but also a breeding ground for bacteria. Caries, paradontosis, stomatitis are provokers of inflammation and health problems;
  3. Abuse of coffee, sandwiches, and semi-finished products. Such products "acidify" the internal environment of the body and disrupt the outflow of lymph;
  4. Neglect of medical examinations. Elevated blood cholesterol is a common cause of problems with the lymphatic system too;
  5. Of uncontrolled stress. Yes, some mental strain at work and physical strength in the gym are only useful. But constant stress can lead to heart disorders, vasoconstriction, and problems with cleansing the lymphatic system. For methods of getting rid of stress, see here → ;
  6. Uncontrolled fascination with folk methods. This applies to independent "cleansing of the body", fasting without medical indications, drinking green juices instead of eating and other similar activities. Detox procedures should be discussed with a gastroenterologist, therapist and cardiologist for anyone over the age of 25. Those who have chronic diseases should also contact doctors according to their "profile";
  7. Uncontrolled intake of hormonal drugs. This includes strong anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic drugs like diprospan, oral contraceptives, and anabolic steroids. A person who uses them without medical supervision can harm the lymphatic system

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It is possible to "disperse" lymph if you change your lifestyle – start eating rationally, regularly perform feasible physical activities, change your drinking regime. Over time, it is better to give up tobacco and alcohol, and establish a lifestyle that would help to cope with stress without their participation. It works much better than drinking pills without a doctor's prescription, and folk recipes against the background of unhealthy eating.